Great service delivers outstanding results. Service has always been in our name and delivering solutions to our customers has always been important. Our customers can expect a quality and safe approach across all our plumbing, gas, electrical, fire protection, CCTV and NDD (hydro excavation) service offerings.

Gold Medal Services has been delivering quality trade services in the Northern Territory for over 25 years. We believe our customers deserve great service with honest and reliable advice. We do this through good communication to understand your needs.

Based in Darwin, our plumbers and electricians are all NT licensed. So you can have confidence that you have qualified tradespeople doing your plumbing and electrical work.

Our work follows the Australian Standards and local regulations. We do the work safely, we solve your plumbing, electrical and fire problems.

We are an award-winning company proud of our track record on safety and environmental responsibility.

Advanced Secondary Treatment Systems (ASTS) are designed to treat all the waste water that is generated on a non reticulated site, this could be your business premise or your home. You may be familiar with septic systems, however the ASTS delivers a very high quality water treatment which means that the treated water can be reused. Reuse can include irrigation, dust suppression and wash bays.

There are two terms that you may of heard of ‘black water’ (water from toilets and kitchen waste) and ‘grey water’ (water from showers, basin and laundry). With an ASTS our plumbers can design a system that treats this water to give it a second use for garden irrigation, dust suppression and vehicle washing. ASTS can only be installed in certain locations, so it is important that you get the right plumbing advice from a Darwin local.

A waste water treatment system replaces a septic tank and delivers a much higher quality of treated waste water. Waste water treatment systems must be regularly serviced to ensure that the high quality of treated waste water is maintained.

Gold Medal Services develops site specific solutions to meet client needs. As local plumbers in Darwin and surrounding rural areas we ensure that your system is looked after over the long term.

The high water quality means that treatment systems can be placed closer to bores and water ways and meet with environmental health regulations.

Gold Medal Services only installs and provides ongoing servicing for products that have been approved for installation in the Northern Territory. For more information on local guidelines visit: Northern Territory Waste Water Management Guidelines

Gold Medal Services is a service agent for Taylex system for more information visit their

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to help with your waste water treatment now.

There are two key approaches to asset maintenance…. wait till it breaks or maintain it to avoid unwanted interruptions.

Gold Medal Services can deliver both these options but our happiest clients are those who minimise annoying breakdowns and have peace of mind.

We can assist with planning your crucial plumbing, electrical and fire maintenance to meet statutory requirements along with the things that we know pay to check as we have years of expertise.

Our company offers reactive, planned and emergency solutions for all your plumbing, fire and electrical assets. Capabilities Include:

  • Backflow Installation and Testing
  • Safety Shower and Eye Wash Installation and Testing
  • Hydrant Flow Tests
  • Sewer Pump Station Design and Installation
  • Fire Hydrants, Hose Reels, Pumps and Tanks
  • Sewer and Water Infrastructure Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Pump Maintenance
  • Low Voltage (230 - 415VAC) Switch Board Inspection
  • Emergency Lighting and Smoke Alarm Inspections and Tests
  • Generator Changeover Switch and ATS Installation
  • Power Surge Protection

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to help with your asset maintenance now.

Gold Medal Services has Darwin’s most sophisticated CCTV condition assessment & inspection equipment for sewer, stormwater, oil & gas pipes and air conditioning ducts.

Gold Medal Services has a team of nationally accredited CCTV operators (NWPNET059) to meet the WSAA Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia. The full code can be found here

Specialised CCTV equipment can provide important information on the internal condition of assets such as sewer, stormwater, oil & gas pipes and air conditioning ducts. Gold Medal Services utilises the highest quality iPEK CCTV camera/laser to inspect, measure and record vision in conduits from 150 to 2000mm and up to a distance of 300m in one run.

WinCan VX ‘Expert’ Software allows users to navigate inspection data and update asset information from within a GIS Asset Map to understand system-wide conditions and identify maintenance needs. The use of 3D imagery and a broad selection of analytical tools, pinpoints where urgent attention is needed. Reports are provided by Web Viewer, USB or a Hard copy PDF report. Gold Medal Services provides the significant value to clients of having Licensed and Certifying Plumbers on the team who understand the infrastructure that is being surveyed. With this expertise we can offer comprehensive advice on repair options.

We have the experience and technical capability to use geographical data to map underground assets for clients with the added ability to add data to maps.

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to help with your CCTV conditional inspection and assessment now.

The Safe Way To Dig and Clean Infrastructure. Our hydro excavation trucks offer powerful vacuum suction with 6" hose to reduce blockages. Our NDD pump is rated to 600 bar which will cut bitumen, stab sand and thick trees with ease. We operate across diverse sites including Defence, local government, industrial, commercial and NT Government.

Gold Medal Services Combination Vacuum and Hydro Excavation Truck offers clients a powerful water jet and vacuum truck for a range of applications:

  • Excavation for Sewer, Storm Water and Water Repairs
  • Sewer and Storm Water System Cleaning, with Six Different Specialty Nozzles
  • Specialty Chain Flail cuts tree toot and concrete slurry up to 800mm
  • Pit Cleaning
  • Post Hole Digging and Asset Location
  • Asset Exposure
  • Safety Barrier Installation
  • Clean bore piers up to 15m deep.

Check out our video compilation on our youtube channel.

NDD, or non-destructive digging, is a valuable alternative to mechanical excavation and waste removal. NDD uses high pressurised water to break up compound surfaces to excavate a trench or hole. Our equipment includes an industrial vacuum to remove waste as we ‘dig’.

Hydro excavation is very efficient and significantly reduces to risk of damaging underground assets.

Gold Medal Services has dedicated team of professionals with an incredible depth of experience. Safety is paramount and offering cost effective solutions is always top of mind.

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to help with your NDD hydro excavation and jet cleaning now.

Fire protection equipment maintenance and servicing to keep your business safe. Working in partnership with our clients, we ensure that the fire protection equipment, which protects your people and property, is ready when needed while maintaining compliance with the relevant standards.

Gold Medal Services and service partner Infinite Fire Solutions have experience in the maintenance and servicing of fire systems across various industries including:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Educational Sites
  • Defence Estate Works.

Servicing includes:

  • Mandatory Monthly, Six Monthly, Yearly and Five Yearly to Comply with AS 1851
  • Wet Fire Protection
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Fire Pumps (including 5 yearly booster pump tests)
  • Fire Tanks and Pumps
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Indicator Panels
  • Emergency Exit Lights
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Signage

Infinite Fire Solutions services clients all along the Stuart Highway from Darwin to Alice Springs.

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to help with your fire protection equipment maintenance now.

Gold Medal Services provides facilities management & asset management that equals operational capability for our clients in Darwin and surrounding areas. With a team of expert plumbers, electricians and fire technicians we can deliver a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our valued customers. We can help you to prepare asset management plans across diverse assets.

Gold Medal Services provides facilities management for a range of clients who have specific needs arounds client and site safety. We manage a number of sites for interstate property management firms who want a trusted Darwin plumbing partner to undertake hydraulic and other trade works.

Our Darwin client sites range from:

  • large commercial sites operating in the gas industry who demand advanced compliance with safety systems;
  • schools who need to be confident in student welfare;
  • high security sites such as Defence;

Gold Medal Services identifies with Defence operational capability and service contingency, ensuring the estate infrastructure is sustained over the longer term with minimal impact on client operations.

Asset management services provided include:

  • Statutory maintenance programs
  • Asset capturing and assessment
  • Annual preventative maintenance programs and budget
  • Asset life expectancy plans
  • Asset registers
  • Planned and reactive maintenance
  • All subcontractor records are managed via Rapid Global for compliance, inductions, high risk licences and training
  • Trade services provided include:
    • access controls
    • appliance repairs
    • asbestos removal
    • building management systems
    • car parking
    • carpentry
    • cleaning and graffiti removal
    • low voltage electrical, electricity meter reading, main power systems, generators
    • water meter reading
    • equipment hire repairs
    • fire alarms, fire protection systems
    • garden maintenance
    • gas
    • general repairs and maintenance
    • HVAC
    • Locks and keys
    • painting
    • pest control
    • plumbing
    • rubbish and waste removal
    • roof repairs and maintenance, shade structures
    • roller doors repairs
    • security repairs, security guards and patrols
    • surveyors
    • technical consultants.

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to help with your asset & facilities maintenance now.

Focused on developing innovative designs that meet your needs. As long term Territory experts we know the local regulatory environment and the best long term solutions to meet the unique local conditions. We have an incredible team with diverse back grounds including plumbing, electrical, fire protection, gas and mechanical. Together we offer comprehensive solutions.

Gold Medal Services is pleased to offer professional hydraulic consultancy services tailored to meet the requirements of Architects, Engineers, Developers and Contractors. We can deliver hydraulic and building services producing designs for Sewer, Water, Storm Water Management and Fire Services for any building development proposal.

Our expertise will inject fresh new ideas into your project.

  • Pump Stations
  • Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage
  • Water Reticulation
  • Storm Water Management Plans
  • Fire Services
  • Hydraulic Asset Assessments

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to help with your hydraulic designs now.

Gold Medal Services offers electrical services including statutory checks and maintenance. Our Darwin electrical contractor delivers electrical solutions for commercial and industrial properties with efficiency and consideration to ensure there is minimal disruption. With extensive experience in the Northern Territory, our focus is on work that is performed safely to a high quality.

Statutory Services:

• Scheduled Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Preventative Maintenance

• Low Voltage (230 - 415VAC) Switch Board Inspections

• Emergency Lighting and Smoke Alarm Inspections and Tests

• Generator Changeover Switch and ATS Installation

• Power Surge Protection

• Renovations and New Installations

General Services:

• Condition assessment & annual maintenance planning

• Pump/motor inspections and load testing

• Fast Reliable Electrical Fault finding and repairs

• Reactive Maintenance

Our electrical team is experienced with Defence Estate Works.

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to connect you with our licensed electricians now.

Our licensed Darwin gas fitters can undertake type A gas fitting work. If gas appliances are not working efficiently it can be a safety hazard so it is important to get them checked regularly. It is important for your safety that you use a gas fitter you can trust. Attempting 'do it yourself' repairs is very dangerous and is illegal if you are not qualified.

Gold Medal Services operates in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Regulations 1985 and NT Worksafe requirements Gas fitting work includes installing, repairing, removing, altering in connection with any fuel gas system, gas appliance, gas container, gas main, pipe, flue or other fitting used.

Our expert staff can assist with:

  • routine gas checks
  • gas appliance installations
  • gas appliance repairs
  • gas leaks.

Call your local trusted Darwin plumber to book your gas work now.

We use GPR to prevent underground services utility strikes using our sub surface mapping equipment to scan the underground to provide a clear 3D image of the subsurface up to 8m deep. Non-invasive Electromagnetic locating equipment is perfectly designed to find underground utility services such as electrical power lines, data cables, water pipes, stormwater pipes and gas pipes.

We can use augmented reality to overlay on to a time slice of geophysical & structural investigations & as-built verification.

Automatically detect utility lines with AI assistance and label them accordingly to produce as-built maps or produce CAD or GIS deliverables.

We look deep into subsurface on-site with Time-Slice View and 3D View and superimpose these views onto the structure with robust, accurate augmented reality.

We can annotate measurements with precise geolocation, tags, photos, voice memos and comments in the logbook.

Technical information:

  • positioning systems include GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & BeiDou
  • SSR augmented positioning with Network RTK correction
  • Cloud collaboration with 1D, 2D, 3D on site views
  • AR & AI assistance
  • CAD/GIS deliverables
  • 1-5cm real time accuracy
  • Stepped freq 40-3440MHz
  • Detects targets to 1cm in size
  • Detects target up to 8m deep
  • Scan without constraints of following a grid
  • Real time 3D topography and position

Gold Medal Services is so much more than just your trusted Darwin plumber!

Our team has many years of experience working in a wide variety of confined space environments. Gold Medal Services has completed confined space operations in stormwater drains, sewer pits, excavations and even World War II tunnels! Safety is always key.

A confined space is defined as an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • Is not intended as a regular workplace
  • Has restricted entry and exit
  • Is at atmospheric pressure and may have poor ventilation or atmosphere type that cannot sustain normal breathing.

Our Darwin confined space team have completed nationally accredited training and maintain their up-to-date knowledge and skills with regular refresher courses.

Gold Medal Services has established a comprehensive system for managing confined space entry which ensures safe work practices for our staff and the public.

Gold Medal Services is so much more than just your trusted Darwin plumber!

Gold Medal Services is a Certified Locator with Dial Before You Dig

We use GPR to prevent underground services utility strikes using our sub surface mapping equipment to scan the underground to provide a clear 3D image of the sub surface up to 8m deep.

Non invasive electromagnetic locating equipment is perfectly designed to find underground utility services such as electrical, data, water, sewer and stormwater.

Certified Locator