Think you have an underground leaking pipe or drain?

Think you have an underground leaking pipe or drain? The main indication is pooling water in your lawn, concrete or ground surface…and a high water bill! This is often a signal that that you have a serious leak somewhere underground.

Unfortunately, no matter the circumstances, we can never be 100% sure what’s happening below the surface. We may initially think we have an easy job on our hands, but start our dig up and it’s like opening a can of worms.

Unfortunately no dig up repair is the same! As mentioned some tasks are easy and some are more like opening a pandora’s box. These factors make it very hard for us to estimate a price, although we can generally gauge costings and most of the time we are accurate with those estimates.

Sometimes jobs are challenging and unforeseen circumstances occur. As your local Darwin plumber, Gold Medal Services will take the greatest care in dealing with your plumbing needs. From the onset, we are and want to ensure you have a stress-free encounter when sorting your plumbing issues. We have done this type of job many, many times before, which is why we are the best people to put your mind at ease, doing a great job, first time every time.

What causes a water pipe to leak?

  • old pipes
  • rocks rubbing against water pipes
  • tree roots
  • poor installation
  • heavy impact or movement

You may have other issues with underground pipes including sewer and storm water. Gold Medal Services can help fix these also and we have sewer CCTV cameras that allow us to complete a detailed inspection and give accurate repair pricing.

Foreign materials being flushed down the toilet, such as face wipes, paper towel, sanitary items and nappies (yes people DO put these down the toilet. NO you are not supposed to!)

Broken pipes

Poor water flow.


  • Heavy rains and storms which overwhelm the system
  • Gutters & Downpipes full of debris, causing them not to efficiently function.

Although it is currently the “Wet Season” in the Top End (albeit not a great one so far) you will still be able to identify a leaking underground pipe. If water is evaporating after a period of rain, except for a particular area, it is quite possible you have an underground leaking pipe or drain. Just like in the photos, our client noticed they had a larger then usual water bill & a standing volume of water in their lawn, after a bit of digging we found a previous repair or join that had failed in their irrigation system.

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