Plumbing Tips for this wet season?

Is your property prepared for the wet season?

Here are our top five plumbing tips for preparing for this wet season:

  1. Clean up palm leaves regularly and trim back branches so they are clear from roofs and buildings.
  2. Check your roof to ensure there are no badly deteriorated areas that may cause leaks, and weaken your internal ceilings once they have become wet or damp. If you have a tiled roof, you can check for cracked tiles, these can be siliconed however replacing is recommended. If you have a corrugated iron roof you can check to ensure there are no missing screws holding the sheets together. Missing screws will also cause leaks. Check the valleys of roofs, this is predominately where any deterioration will occur.
  3. Remove the inspection opening on storm water drains and put your garden hose down the drain, if it backs up with water – you’ve got a problem – it’s blocked! Although it must be said the amount of water coming from your everyday garden hose is nothing compared to the squalls and monsoons we get in the Top End.
  4. Clear gutters and downpipes – they will more than likely be full of leaves after a long dry season
  5. Turn off your irrigation to save money on water bills.

There are many ways to be prepared for this upcoming wet season. We believe being pro -active rather than reactive will save you both time and money. We hope these plumbing tips help.

Stay safe this wet season,
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