Member of AUSJET

Gold Medal Services is pleased to have joined the Australasian High Pressure Water Jetting Association (AUSJET), incorporating Australasian Drain Cleaning and Vacuum Association (ADCVA), which is the peak national industrial services representative body with members across Australia and internationally.

AUSJET and ADCVA exist to strengthen safety standards for business and industry working in the Water Jetting, Drain Cleaning, Vacuum Loading and Hydro Excavation Industries. The Association has been operating for the past 29 years going through many stages where its current status is a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Formed initially as a response to injuries sustained in the water jetting industry, the association's aim is to strengthen and provide safer work environments and safety training including the development of Australia Standards.

The organisation is responsive to the needs of industry and provides a strong network of member companies and businesses seeking to provide a safe work environment through improved standards, training and advocacy.

drain camera; CCTV drain inspection; hydro excavation; vac trucks; fire hose reel; fire hydrant; fire pump; fire tank; jet truck, non-destructive digging; NDD; vacuum truck; non-destructive excavation; high pressure + ultra high water pressure; condition assessment; AUSJET; ADCVA;

AUSJET and ADCVA support members to work towards meeting world’s best practice.

AUSJET and ADCVA facilitates the collection and dissemination of information which is crucial for assessing the specific needs to be met before developing and delivering projects, training and networking events to our stakeholders and they are committed to promoting safety at work, training and the Australian Standards including productivity improvement, quality and environmental programs within stakeholder businesses.