Backflow Prevention Devices

Have you recently received a notification letter from Power and Water Corporation (PWC) regarding Backflow Prevention Devices installed as boundary protection on your property? Don’t know what it’s all about? At Gold Medal Services we are very experienced in this sort of preventive scheduled maintenance and can put your mind at ease.

What is backflow?

Power & Water Corporation specify backflow as: “The undesirable reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source to the PWC potable water supply system. Backflow may occur under backpressure, back siphonage or a combination of both.”

The two main types of protection are Boundary and Zone protection as detailed below:

  • Boundary Protection – This protects PWC infrastructure from backflow contamination.
  • Zone Protection – This carries the same level of protection as the Boundary Protection, however this protects the internal water supply of a property.

Under certain conditions, such as a burst water main or firefighting where a substantial volume of water is drawn from the water main, low pressure may occur within the system. This low pressure may create a reverse flow of water from a customer’s property to the potable water supply system; this is known as backflow or back siphonage.

Power and Water are currently issuing notifications regarding Backflow Prevention Assessments for property owners to assess the hazard levels and risk rating to determine what type of device(s) need to be installed. This assessment must be carried out by a backflow accredited plumber. If it is determined that a device needs to be installed, again it must be done so by a backflow accredited plumber with the NT plumbers & Drainers Licensing Board.

PWC may also issue a notification for; Annual Testing of Backflow Prevention Device. If your property currently has a BPD installed it is a requirement that it be tested annually, with a Valve Test Certificate recording compliance passed onto PWC.

Gold Medal Services have been installing and maintaining BPD’s for well over a decade, if you would like to utilise our expertise or would like a more information regarding backflow prevention devices please don’t hesitate to contact us on 89947 8000 or checkout our website