Value for money and 'first fix' are important to all our customers, but especially when it impacts large numbers of people.

It’s difficult to operate when the drains are blocked or you’ve got a leaking or clogged toilet. As one of Darwin’s most reliable plumbing contractors, we fix plumbing problems with the utmost efficiency and consideration to ensure minimal disruption to your staff and customers.

We can also service and repair Billi and Zip boiling, chilled and filtered water units. We understand how important the staff amenities are and we have some of the best trained and experience repair technicians in Darwin.

Many premises require backflow prevention to meet Power and Water Corporation (PWC) requirements. Gold Medal Services has qualified, licensed backflow staff who can make an independent assessment on the need for backflow. If backflow is needed, we can install, test and submit reports to PWC to ensure your property is compliant. We make it as easy as possible and ensure that you don’t have unnecessary expenditure on infrastructure that is not needed.

Broken water pipes are a common problem we come across with all our clients. Gold Medal Services is adept at leak detection and water leak repairs. We also undertake drain cleaning and servicing of waste water treatment systems.

CCTV inspection of sewer infrastructure is a particular specialist skill. Gold Medal Services can inspect anything from 50mm to 600mm and record footage for asset managers and insurance reports.

We can help you to give your office bathrooms and kitchens a lift without an expensive full renovation. We can also conduct water audits and provide recommendations to reduce your water consumption. Contact us and one of our plumbers can attend and give you a few ideas.

We offer our government clients and education sites nothing but exceptional Darwin plumbing services paired with clear communication, professional advice and a local service.