What is backflow and why is it needed?

backflow testing; backflow prevention;
Backflow Principles

Power & Water Corporation (PWC) specify backflow as: “The undesirable reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted or contaminated source to the PWC potable water supply system. Backflow may occur under backpressure, back siphonage or a combination of both.”

The two main types of protection are:
Boundary Protection
– This protects PWC infrastructure from backflow contamination.
Zone Protection
– This carries the same level of protection as the Boundary Protection, however this protects the internal water supply.

Under certain conditions, such as a burst water main or firefighting where a substantial volume of water is drawn from the water main, low pressure may occur within the system. This low pressure may create a reverse flow of water from a customer’s property to the potable water supply system; this is known as backflow or back-siphonage.

Why use Gold Medal Services for your backflow requirements?

  • honest advice on whether a backflow device is needed
  • acutely aware of the importance of backflow prevention devices
  • experienced with new installs, identifying issues with pre-existing devices
  • trained backflow device testers with license issued by NT Plumber and Drainers Licensing Board
  • annually calibrated testing equipment
  • established structured maintenance program to ensure all devices in our care are in safe working
    order and are tested annually to prevent contamination to the mains water supply
  • minimal disruption to tenants or business’ water supply
  • service includes sending boundary backflow tests to Power and Water along with zone
    protection tests to owners and body corporate for internal records